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AS300SA Individual Alarm & Monitoring System

The AS300SA is a new generation of monitoring and alarm systems.  Make an informed decision on what action to take based on instant readings from the equipment monitored. Sent at any time to your mobile phone - particularly useful if an alarm occurs when the person on call is out of the workplace, in the middle of the night, or at the weekend.

With no need for a phone line or line rental the AS300SA is exceptional easy to install. The programming of telephone numbers and input settings can be done from any location by a mobile phone with the relevant password.  The AS300SA can have up to five telephone numbers programmed into it.

Multiple units at different sites can be connected anywhere in the country or countries as the system uses a gsm network of your choice.

The AS300SA has many special features like the Defrost Function which allows an input to have the alarms disabled.  The disabled period can be set from 0 to 90 hours from the users mobile phone.  Once the disabled period has elapsed the alarms will become active automatically.

The AS300SA can log data which can be sent to a server, this data can be down loaded to a computer and stored.


It’s easy to install the AS300SA with the supplied bracket and industrial strength Velcro.  Fit the probes into the equipment and plug them into the sockets.  No phone line or line rental is required as the system uses a gsm network of your choice.  Then program the settings into the AS300SA from a mobile phone.


Multiple linked sites can be alarmed and monitored across the country or countries as the system uses a gsm network.  There’s no limit to distance or location.


Setup and change all settings from a mobile phone, all password protected.

Including :-

  • Contact Telephone Numbers.

  • Outgoing Message.

  • Alarm Input Settings.


Query unit from a mobile phone

Including :-

  • Alarm Status.

  • Real Time Values of Input 1, 2 & 3 and Power.

  • Network Signal Strength.

  • Credit Value in Sim Card.


Acknowledge alarm from a mobile phone

Including :-

  • Silences audible alarm on unit once acknowledged.

  • Once acknowledged, recipient’s who have received an alarm text will be sent a message giving telephone details of the acknowledger.


This allows the user to send a text message to the AS300SA unit to disable either I/P1 or I/P2 for the desired time, up to 90 hours. Once this time has elapsed the input will be automatically be reactivated to accept alarms.


This allows the user to calibrate input 1 or input 2 for temperature.  This is done by disconnecting the probe from the relevant input and connecting the calibration key-fob to the input.  A text message is sent to the AS300SA  for the relevant input.  The unit now carries out a calibrating procedure which takes approximately 2 minutes.   During calibration the relevant stages are indicated on the display.



The AS300SA can log data which can be sent to a server, this data can be down loaded to a computer and stored.  The data collected can be analysed using our data analysis software.  The data interval stored can be selected between 1 minute to 60 minutes, this interval will be dependant on the type of equipment being monitored.  The alarm log gives details of all alarms, listing alarm input, time, date, call direction, telephone number, acknowledgers number and whether the call was successful or failed.


Data from the AS300SA will be sent to the server once every 24 hours.  The data can also be sent on demand by the user.  To access the data a username and password is required. The data is organised into zip files and can be downloaded to the customers computer.


Data analysis software allows the user to look at the data in numerical and graphical forms.  Information at the top of the screen is displayed for the selected unit. Information includes, Serial Number, First Reading, Last Reading, Number of Readings, Max Temp, Min Temp and Average Temp for I/P1 and I/P2. 

The data in the columns displays information on Date, Time, Temperature Input 1, Temperature Input 2, High Alarm Set-point, Low Alarm Set-point and Delay Time. Graphs with scale breaks can be displayed by simply clicking on the graph tab.

The alarm log gives historical information of time, date, call direction, telephone numbers, alarm input and whether the call was successful or failed.


Print out the data can be done in three ways.

Transmitter Report prints the data column view

Graph Report prints the graph veiw.

Summery Report prints the "header" information for each transmitter and alarm log.

System Specification and Functions


I/P1 Precision Temperature +/-0.1ºC.  (–200ºC to +100ºC)

CO2 & Temperature Probe (Uses I/P1 & I/P2)

Humidity & Temperature Probe (Uses I/P1 & I/P2)

I/P2 Precision Temperature +/-0.1ºC.  (–200ºC to +100ºC)

I/P3 Volt Free.      




I/P1, I/P2,  I/P3, I/P RS232, Power Fail.


Over 4000 readings.


5 Telephone Numbers.


Master and Acknowledger 4 digit password.  The Master is used to change or enable parameters and functions.


Display of Sim Number, Values of I/P1, I/P 2, Sim Value and Signal Strength.


Visual indication of signal strength.  Audible and visual indication if network strength is lost or low.


Low Credit Warning text message and visual, audible warning on GSM Unit.


Rechargeable Batteries


160H x 90L x 50D mm


Up to five telephone numbers can be programmed into the AS300SA a text message will be sent to a mobile and a voice message sent to a land line.  The outgoing message can be up to 90 characters long and the value and input alarming is tagged on to the end of the OGM.  Visual indication of alarm message sent on GSM unit.  


  • Enable or Disable GSM unit.

  • Setup Alarm Parameters e.g. High Alarm, Low Alarm and Delay time for each input. (Delay time 0 to 90 minutes)

  • Setup Telephone Numbers, mobiles and land lines.

  • Enquire Details Including Alarm Status, Signal Strength, Setup Values, Amount of Credit in Sim Card and Input Readings.

  • Acknowledge Alarms.

  • Test Alarm Function.

  • Disable / Defrost Alarm Facility For I/P1 and I/P2 to accept alarms. (0 to 90 hours)

  • Calibration Function.

  • Output Function.  This allows the customer to turn the relay output on or off.

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