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AS300SA Server Site


The AS300SA can log data which can be sent to a server, this data can be down loaded to a computer and stored.  The data collected can be analysed using our data analysis software.  The data interval stored can be set between 1 to 60 minutes.  An alarm log is also kept giving details of all telephone calls to contact and acknowledgement personal, which are time and date stamped.


Data from the AS300SA will be sent to the server once every 24 hours.  The data can also be sent on demand by the user.  To access the data a username and password is required. The data is organised into zip files and can be downloaded to the customers computer.


Data analysis software allows the user to look at the data in numerical and graphical forms.  Information at the top of the screen is displayed for the selected unit. Information includes, Serial Number, First Reading, Last Reading, Number of Readings, Max Temp, Min Temp and Average Temp for I/P1 and I/P2.

The data in the columns displays information on Date, Time, Temperature Input 1, Temperature Input 2, High Alarm Set-point, Low Alarm Set-point and Delay Time. Graphs with scale breaks can be displayed by simply clicking on the graph tab.

The alarm log gives historical information of time, date, call direction, telephone numbers, alarm input and whether the call was successful or failed.


Print out of the data can be done in three ways.

¨ Transmitter Report prints the data column view.

¨ Graph Report prints the graph view.

¨ Summary Report prints the “header” information for each transmitter and alarm log.