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AS200 Alarm & Monitoring System



The AS200RX Receiver is now a legacy product which has been replaced by the AS300RX Receiver or the AS300 Communicator.  The AS200RX system can be greatly enhanced by installing an AS300 Communicator.  The A200RX can still be purchased if required.  A leaflet on this upgrade can be downloaded here.


The AS200 Wireless Alarm, Monitoring and Data Logging System allows laboratory and hospital equipment such as Liquid Nitrogen, ULT Freezers, Fridges, Freezers and Incubators to be alarmed, monitored and data logged.  The temperature transmitter range is -200C to +100C with an accuracy of 0.1C.  The system is an enhancement on the reliable and trusted previous wireless alarm system currently in 24 hour service protecting valuable product in LN2 vessels and refrigerated storage throughout the UK .

The system ensures the safety and continued effectiveness of medicines, blood products and samples required to be held at specific refrigeration and freezer temperatures. Due to the high value of many of these goods, QA programs increasingly require that storage temperatures are to be verified several times per day and that records be maintained. The AS200 System will meet the alarm, monitoring and logging requirements, offering different levels of monitoring, data capture and analysis software.

Various levels of communications can be fitted to the receiver unit, from a conventional auto-dialler to a AS300 Communicator  The AS300 Communicator allows the customer to make an informed decision on what action to take based on instant readings from the equipment monitored.  This can be sent at any time to your mobile telephone.  This is particularly useful if an alarm occurs when the person is on call or out of the workplace.  With no need for a dedicated telephone line or line rental the AS300 Communicator is exceptionally easy to install.

The AS300 Communicator can also be installed with existing AS200RX receivers to give enhanced communication facilities.

Traceable calibration for temperature can be carried out for the AS200TX alarm transmitters.


Wireless alarm and data logging with minimal installation disruption

Independent alarm system with up to 999 alarms and acknowledgements stored in the receiver event log.

Selective communications to suit requirements.

Receiver connection to a computer enabling full monitoring and logging facilities

Up to 4 alarm acknowledgement key-fobs, details of acknowledger kept in event log.

Temperature transmitter range -200C to +100C.

Transmitter accuracy 0.1C over entire range.

Range 500m uninterrupted signal path.

Temperature, time delay, transmitter ID and high & low alarms displayed on transmitter.

Full local alarming :- visual and audible at both transmitter equipment end and receiver.

High, low, power fail, door open and volt free alarms on the transmitter.

Reactivation of alarm every 60 minutes if transmitter at equipment end has not been muted. (This feature can be disabled by client )

Standard receiver has 125 channels, one transmitter per channel.

Download software enables the creation of an audit trail from the alarm and acknowledgement event log.

Easy to use monitoring, data capture and analysis software giving numerical, graphical and statistical information