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AS300 Alarm & Monitoring System

The AS300 system is a new generation of monitoring and alarm systems using the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and wireless technology.  The monitoring and data logging system allows laboratory and hospital equipment to be protected. The system ensures the safety and continued effectiveness of medicine produce, blood products and samples at specific refrigeration and freezer temperatures.  Liquid Nitrogen, ULT Freezers, Fridges, Freezers and Incubators can be alarmed, monitored and data logged.  The temperature transmitter range is -200C to +100C with an accuracy of 0.1C. Due to the high value of many of these goods, Quality Assurance programs increasingly require that storage temperatures are to be verified several times per day and that records be maintained. The AS300 System will meet the alarm, monitoring and logging requirements.
Make an informed decision on what action to take based on instant readings from the equipment monitored.  This can be sent at any time to your mobile telephone.  This is particularly useful if an alarm occurs when the person is on call or out of the workplace.  With no need for a dedicated telephone line or line rental the AS300 system is exceptionally easy to install.
Traceable calibration for temperature can be carried out for the AS200TX alarm transmitters.


Its easy to install the AS300 system.  Fit the temperature probes into the equipment to be alarmed from the AS200TX transmitters and set required alarm values. Then program the settings into the AS300RX from a mobile phone.

No phone line or line rental is required as the system uses a mobile network of your choice.


Multiple linked sites can be alarmed and monitored across the country as the system uses a GSM network.  Theres no limit to distance or location.

AS300RX or AS300 Communicator Receiver

Two types of receiver are available the AS300RX and AS300 Communicator.  Both have different features and if required can be mixed on site if that is more suitable to your application. For full information and specification please click on the link below.

AS300 System :- AS300RX Receiver or AS300 Communicator

A leaflet can be downloaded on the link below.



The AS200TX transmitters will in the event of equipment failure, alarm and send data to the AS300RX or AS300 Communicator.  The AS200TX transmitter will also display the alarm input and an audible alarm will be activated. The AS300RX or AS300 Communicator receiver will displays the unit number and input of the activated transmitter.  The alarm menu in the receiver will log the alarm time and date stamp it. Telephone numbers will be texted giving details of the transmitter alarming and current temperature.  The AS300RX or As300 Communicator can be texted at any time to get details of current values in the AS200TX transmitter.


Its easy to install the AS200TX transmitter, first attach the transmitter to the item to be monitored with the supplied bracket and industrial strength Velcro. Secondly fit the probes into the equipment to be monitored.  The unit is now ready to be switched on.



The range between the AS200TX transmitter and the AS300 is 500m in an uninterrupted signal path.  This is more typical of 200m in a building.


Up to three inputs are available on the transmitter.  A common configuration would be to use input 1 to monitor the air temperature of the equipment, input 2 to monitor the sample temperature and input 3 to monitor the door open / closed condition.  This configuration of the inputs will give maximum protection and temperature data for the sample will be recorded as well as the air temperature if logging is employed on the system.

Input 1 : This is for temperature and the value can be displayed on the transmitter.  This input sends its temperature value to the receiver so it can be monitored and logged if required.

Input 2 : This is for temperature.  This input sends its temperature value to the receiver so it can be monitored and logged if required. (This input is an option)

Input 3 : This is a volt free contact, normally closed in the OK condition and normally open in the alarm condition. (This input is an option)


Once an alarm is activated at the transmitter it will display which input is in alarm and the sounder will be activated. The AS300RX or AS300 Communicator will display both the unit number and input of the transmitter alarming; these details will be time and date stamped. An alarm message will be sent to the programmed telephone numbers. 


A single high and low alarm can be set for I/P1 and I/P2, these parameters can easily be displayed.


If power failure is detected for longer than 10 minutes the transmitter will activate a power failure alarm at the transmitter and receiver.


A single delay time can be set for I/P 1 and I/P 2 ranging from 0 to 90 minutes, these parameters can easily be displayed.  Input 3 has a fixed delay time of 10 minutes.


The temperature range of the transmitter is 200C to +100C with an accuracy of 0.1C across the entire range.  This makes the transmitter suitable for many types of equipment from LN2 to incubators.


The front panel display can be used to show the unit number of the transmitter or time delay or temperature of input 1.  When in an alarm condition the display toggles between alarm I/P and variable selected.  The status led indicates the current condition of the transmitter and the alarm active led flashes brightly in an alarm condition.


The temperature transmitter has been designed to have an easy calibration procedure.  The transmitter display will show a calibration reminder automatically which is customer enabled, the reminder can be set for intervals of 6 or 12 months or be disabled.  Traceable calibration for temperature can be carried out for the AS200TX alarm transmitters. 



Test temperatures at +50.0C, 0.0C and  -50.0C can be simulated on the transmitter input 1 to test the alarm.  The fob temperature simulator is attached to a connector inside the transmitter unit and a temperature probe bypass switch is thrown.  The simulated temperature is selected and will be shown on the display.  If this temperature is out with the alarm limits it will activate the relevant alarm after the time delay.




The AS300RX can log data which can be sent to a server or local PC or both if required.

which can be sent to a server, this data can be down loaded to a computer and stored.  The data collected can be analysed using our data analysis software.  The data interval stored is 15 minutes.  The alarm log gives details of all alarms, listing alarm input, time, date, call direction, telephone number, acknowledgers number and whether the call was successful or failed.


Data from the AS300RX will be sent to the server once every 24 hours.  The data can also be sent on demand by the user.  To access the data a username and password is required. The data is organised into zip files and can be downloaded to the customers computer.


Data analysis software allows the user to look at the data in numerical and graphical forms.  Information at the top of the screen is displayed for the selected unit. Information includes, Serial Number, First Reading, Last Reading, Number of Readings, Max Temp, Min Temp and Average Temp for I/P1 and I/P2. 

The data in the columns displays information on Date, Time, Temperature Input 1, Temperature Input 2, High Alarm Set-point, Low Alarm Set-point and Delay Time. Graphs with scale breaks can be displayed by simply clicking on the graph tab.

The alarm log gives historical information of time, date, call direction, telephone numbers, alarm input and whether the call was successful or failed.


Print out the data can be done in three ways.

Transmitter Report prints the data column view

Graph Report prints the graph view.

Summery Report prints the "header" information for each transmitter and alarm log.

NOTE :- This feature is an option.

System Specification and Functions

AS300RX Receiver

 Compact size.  170H x 85W x 35W (mm)

 Simple to use.

 10 Transmitter channels, one transmitter per channel.

 Additional receivers can be added to expand system up to 90, AS200TX.

 Master and Acknowledger 4 digit password.  The Master is used to change or enable parameters and functions.

 Visual indication of GSM network signal strength.  Audible and visual indication if network strength is lost or low.

GSM network low credit warning text message and visual, audible warning on GSM Unit.

 Four menus available giving information on the system.

  Last 10 alarms stored, locally on receiver.

 All alarms are time and date stamped.

 Up to two telephone numbers can be allocated per AS200TX transmitter on the system.

 Add and remove transmitters by a simple password protected text.

 Audible and visual indication of an alarm on receiver.

 Mains power failure alarm.

 Alarm information texted to telephone contacts, giving details of transmitter unit, current temperature and fault.

 Status and alarm indication on transmitter.

 System self test.

 Memory, over 4000 readings.

 Rechargeable battery backup.

Range 500m uninterrupted signal path. (Typical 300m in building)

 Built in communications to mobiles, land lines and web.

 Internet access to logged alarm information including data and alarm history. (Option)

 Bracket for easy installation and positioning.

AS200TX Transmitter

 Compact size.  110H x 65W x 27D (mm)

 Simple to use.

 Inputs available : Temperature and Volt Free Contact.

 Temperature range 200C to +100C.

 Temperature transmitter resolution 0.1C.

 Temperature transmitter accuracy better than 0.1C across the full range.

 Front panel display of I/P1, temperature, time delay, unit number ID and alarm parameters.

 Temperature high and low alarms.

 Audible and visual indication of an alarm.

 Adjustable time delay for temperature alarm. (0 to 90 minutes)

 Mains power failure alarm.

 Alarm information sent to receiver AS200RX or AS300RX, giving details of transmitter unit and fault.

 Status and alarm indication on transmitter.

 Temperature, high & low alarms and delay time data transmitted every 15 minutes.  This increases to every 10 minutes when in alarm.

 System self test.

 Volt free contact output available.

 Rechargeable battery backup.

Range 500m uninterrupted signal path. (Typical 300m in building)

 Easy calibration procedure / Auto calibration reminder customer set.  Settings ; none, 6 months or 12 months

 Bracket for easy installation and positioning.

 Traceable calibration for temperature can be carried out for the AS200TX alarm transmitters.

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